Robert D’Eliseo

Robert D’Eliseo
Robert D’Eliseo—FOODIE FARMACY™ Co-Founder & Restaurateur

Robert D’Eliseo is the proprietor of Roberto’s Log Cabin in Lebanon, CTa regional favorite that’s earned a loyal following and numerous awards from the Chronicle, while staying in continuous operation since 1933. D’Eliseo also owns and operates Roberto’s Real American Tavern, East Windsor, CT—earning  accolades from Hartford Magazine shortly after opening in 2015. Additional Roberto’s restaurant locations are in various stages of planning and opening, as well.

Family is everything to Robertfrom his beloved wife and two children, to the gracious influence of his parents, aunts and uncles. His family roots are in Roccacasalelocated in the Abruzzo Region of Italy. D’Eliseo delights in treating each customer as though a member of his extended family, as well. Learning to cook from his  grandmother, Emma, who lived to the ripe old age of 104Robert proudly serves her Old World recipes at his restaurants.

D’Eliseo shares FOODIE FARMACY™ Co-Founder, Dr. Myriah Hinchey’s passion for healthy food, offering his Guests the Healthy Choices Menu that she specially formulated for his Lebanon, CT establishment.

Roccacasale—Abruzzo Region, Italy

The marketing of D’Eliseo’s restaurants revolves around a fictional character named ‘Roberto’. Tastefully irreverent, Roberto is featured in the Roberto’s brand’s advertising and social media, continually finding himself in humorous situations as he travels the globe, bringing back recipes from a diverse range of cultures. However, fiction quickly becomes reality as Roberto’s recipes are actually served in D’Eliseo’s restaurants—to the delight of his Dining Guests & Take-Out Customers.

Despite the whimsical nature of his restaurants’ marketing, Robert takes the business of food and customer service very seriously. D’Eliseo’s competitive spirit as an athletic youth is evident in his unwavering dedication to making FOODIE FARMACY™ the premier organic prepared meals brand.