Jared L. Haggerty

FOODIE FARMACY™ Executive Chef

Jared Haggerty

Jared Haggerty brings his extraordinary background, wealth of culinary knowledge and passion for the art of food to FOODIE FARMACY™ Prepared Meals. Apart from his expertise preparing world class fare on a grand scale, Jared approaches the preparation of each, individual FOODIE FARMACY™ meal as though it were his most important accomplishment. Jared works closely with FOODIE FARMACY™ co-founder Dr. Myriah Hinchey, strategizing how best to capture the essence of her dietary guidelines in each, new offering.

Jared HaggertyAfter graduating from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, Scottsdale, Arizona, Jared returned to his East Coast roots—immersing himself in his chosen field. As a Line Cook at Todd English’s Tuscany Restaurant, Jared spent four years working in the renowned chef’s culinary tradition. Soon thereafter, he became Master Cook at Birches Bar & Grill, also at Mohegan Sun Casino. These experiences ultimately led to his eight-year tenure as Line Chef at Mohegan Sun, preparing meals for VIP events with as many as 2,600 guests. In the course of his time there, Jared was featured with Robert Irvine on the hit Food Network series, Dinner Impossible. He also worked directly with celebrity chefs Bobby Flay, Rocco Dispirito, Betty Fraser, Mary Ann Esposito, Michele Ragussis and Manouschka Guerrier, among many others. Additionally, Jared regularly catered private meals for such stars as Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Elton John, Jenifer Lopez and Justin Timberlake—among many more.

Jared has developed the signature hallmarks of a great chef: creating and testing innovative recipes and menus; planning and executing meal preparation; managing costs without compromising quality; and training kitchen and service staff members—and above all, valuing customer service and satisfaction.

Jared personally sources the Organic, gluten-FREE and non-GMO foods that go into each FOODIE FARMACY™ Prepared Meal—a never-ending, uncompromising quest for the freshest, best possible ingredients.