Dr. Myriah Hinchey

Myriah Hinchey
Dr. Myriah Hinchey, FOODIE FARMACY™ Co-Founder and Founder & Principal of TAO: Center For Vitality, Longevity & Optimal Health, LLC.
Dr. Myriah Hinchey is the inspiration and driving force behind FOODIE FARMACY™ Prepared Meals. She personally formulates every aspect of each, organic FOODIE FARMACY™ selection based on strict dietary guidelines—while carefully pairing organically grown produce with grass-fed beef, free range poultry and wild-caught fish/seafood. Her meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive approach ensure portion control and a healthy, thoroughly satisfying and delicious experience—whenever you enjoy a FOODIE FARMACY™ meal.

Dr. Hinchey is passionate about life-long learning and pursuing the continuing education that is essential to effective healthcare. She is a Connecticut Licensed Naturopathic Physician, Certified Defeat Autism Now!® (DAN!) Clinician, Lyme Literate Physician and Certified Medical Acupuncturist.

TAO VitalityDr. Hinchey practices integrative naturopathic medicine for the whole family, specializing in the reversal and prevention of Chronic Disease. Dr. Hinchey’s holistic approach relies heavily on the principals of Functional Medicine and Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC), as well as Biomedical treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Development Disorder, and ADHD.

Simply put, Dr. Hinchey identifies the underlying physiological/biochemical causes of her patient’s symptoms, then teaches them how to correct these causes by making simple, yet effective lifestyle changes—utilizing a combination of nutrition, exercise, supplementation, stress management, acupuncture and massage therapy. Learn More