Buttonwood FarmsOur Core Team includes FOODIE FARMACY™ Co-Founders Dr. Myriah Hinchey and Robert D’Eliseo, Executive Chef, Jared Haggerty and the dedicated people of Roberto’s Log Cabin. Like any successful team effort, ours includes a much broader, more diverse group of individuals who share our passion for healthy eating and great food—and actively contribute to making FOODIE FARMACY™ your healthiest, most delicious prepared meal choice.

Whenever possible, we use locally, sustainably grown produce and locally raised/sourced grass-fed beef, free range poultry and wild-caught fish/seafood. Using local purveyors is the essence of the Think Globally, Eat Locally movement to which we subscribe, and more than merely a nice idea. Using local resources helps ensure that our ingredients are as fresh as possible, while allowing us to monitor their organic purity and authenticity—and help support our local economy.

Additionally, we consult with our extended family of FOODIE FARMACY™ professionals on a regular basis—including medical, nutritional and culinary experts, as well as others. We are committed to continuing education and the emerging science of Nutrigenomics: the study of the interaction between nutrition and genes—especially with regard to the prevention of disease. We’re continually improving on our brand promise to you, our valued customer—by delivering the healthiest, most delicious prepared meals possible.